Series 8 Action Tracker

We collaborated with Sillycube on the sports app tracker which available on iOS and Google Play store. The simplified design on both UI & UX as per request from Series 8 which would allow the users to achieve their daily goals in the easiest way by the tracker watch.


Designed Flowchart

Series 8 is an affordable tracker watch which is for everyone. It is not suppose to sync with the device but the users can always:

1. Add on their tracking records
2. Setting goals
3. Share the results with friends

In order to achieve the simple purpose of Series 8, we just applied the straight forward approach on the user flow without too much fancy functions and limited to 1-3 clicks for the tracking process.

User Design Journey (UX Design)
User Interface

Base on the branding guidelines, we created the user interface in the coolest look by the combination of yellow and black with flat style design. Keep it Simple, Stupid!